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Why this action?

  • Low Cost
  • Anyone Can Participate
  • Direct Cost to Utilities
  • Demonstrates that we can survive without nukes
  • Valuable Preperation for Power Outages
  • Doesn't Require Travel

Privacy Statement

We will not share the information you give us with any other organization, business, or government agency unless we are forced to by a court order (and even then we might not cooperate on principle).


Mathatma Gahndi

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Direct Action Strategy

It's time to punish the electric utility companies in the only way that they understand, by taking money away from them. When so many people join this action that the utilities see a measurable drop in their revenue, they will think twice about all the money and resources they have spent keeping nuclear power alive. Join our action, and let us know what level of conservation you will be practising on March 11. Level 1 - Turn off extra lights and power; Level 2 - Severely cut back on electricity use; Level 3 - Use no utility power that day (Caution! requires careful planning!); or Level 4 - Use solar or wind power to put energy back into the grid.



Please consider making a small donation to help us unplug nuclear power. In the first year, we reached hundreds of thousands of people using almost no money, just networking with people in the environmental community. This year, we want to reach out to a larger audience. We would like to do some advertising around the country, and share educational materials with teachers. If you can, please help. Thank you.