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Our Goal is to have at least 100 organizations endorse this Action before March 11, 2017. If you are connected with any sort of group which could help us, please ask them to join, or give us the contact information so that we can approach them. There are only two things that we ask from groups that endorse us:

  1. Inform your membership about this action
  2. Allow us to list your group as an endorsing organization.
If your group would like to work more closely with us on this event, we would be happy to coordinate.
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The Importance of Cooperation.

They key to success for this Action will be to link with as many like minded people around the world as possible. Contacting people through organizations that also want a clean, safe energy future is one way that we can spread the word quickly. You, personally, telling your friends and family about it, is another. This is a truly grass roots campaign. We do not receive funding from any corporation, organization, or foundation. However, we have already reached tens of thousands of people with our message of hope. The dragon of nuclear energy can be slain if we work together to make it happen. 

The People of Japan have shown the world that we do not need nuclear power. They have shut down almost all their nuclear plants and have not suffered from the rolling blackouts and power shortages the nuclear industry predicted. This is because they have been conserving electricity as a people to such a great extent that their nukes became superfluous. We can honor their sacrifices and follow their lead on March 11. Thank you.

Other Fukushima Events in 2017

There will be many other events and actions around the world in 2017. We will add them to this list ast we learn of them. This link leads to a facebook page listing many events:  FACEBOOK LIST. Here is a link to events happening in London.

Fukushima Events in 2016

There were many other events marking the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year, the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the disaster. From blockading bridges to delivering letters of protest to Japanese embassies around the world, people are taking power into their own hands and sending a clear message, NO NUKES! Click Here to see a list of world wide actions from 2016.

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Children and Nuclear Power

This amazing sand art animation by Simonova reminds us of the Chernobyl tragedy. The heartbreaking effects of radiation are still being felt by the children there. 

This haunting animation looks at the terrible fate of a generation of Japanese children who are unable to simply go outside to play because of the specter of radiation.